Best 20-Inch Bikes Of 2023

Best 20-inch bikes – Buying guide, ranking and tests

You have decided to invest, but you still need to choose the 20-inch bike. Please do not panic, because, in our comparison, you will find your happiness more easily. Indeed, we have chosen the classic Bikestar children’s bike with brakes for you.

Displaying an incomparable quality of construction, it incorporates an ISO square axle CrMo crankset and pads made of forged alloy. The Bikestar children’s mountain bike with brakes is among the must-haves on the market. It is designed with a mountain bike style and features all the components of a real mountain bike: the special frame with a crossbar and the ergonomic saddle.

Best 20-Inch Bikes (Reviews & Tests) Of 2023

20-inch girls bike

Bikestar Classic Kids Bike With Brakes

To please your little girl or boy, you must consider offering him the best 20-inch bike. The classic Bikestar children’s bike with brakes is selected in this ranking for its robust construction. It is equipped with an ISO square axle CrMo crankset which simplifies pedalling. The frame is made of steel tubing, and the bushings are forged alloy.

This 20-inch children’s bike benefits from reliable manufacturing. To do this, it works with two types of brakes: the hand brake and the coaster brake.

To offer more safety, the placement of the reflex reflectors has been optimized. A side stand and a bell are also integrated.

Since this model is 95% pre-assembled from the factory, you only have to do a few small assemblies. In addition, an installation video is provided for your convenience. Your child enjoys great comfort with the ergonomic saddle. Also, the handlebars and the seat are adjustable in height.

Recommended age: 6 years old (height about 120cm)

Saddle height: approx. 64-75cm | Handlebar height: approx. 80-88cm | Weight: approx. 13kg

  • High-quality ISO CrMo crankset for easy pedaling
  • Very stable tubular steel frame with impact-resistant lacquer
  • Saddle and handlebars are height and angle adjustable
  • Coaster brakes – absolutely necessary for a children’s bike
  • 50.8 cm (20 inch) tires on aluminum rims
  • Equipped with a side stand and a bicycle bell
  • Delivery with bike 95% pre-assembled, final assembly takes about 15 minutes

Ergonomic saddle

We’ve designed our saddle to the latest ergonomic standards and put it through extensive testing. Of course, the saddle is adjustable in height and inclination, so as to guarantee an optimal posture on the bike, from an early age.

High quality

The highlight of this bike is its ISO square CrMo crankset and forged alloy bushings. All with a design equal to that of high-end bicycles! No standard, low-quality ball bearings in simple suspension sheet metal that give way at the slightest load. No difficult pedaling movements that cause frustration in children.

Better security

For better safety, our bikes are equipped with two types of brakes: coaster brakes and hand brakes. Coaster brakes are recommended for a bike of this size, as they are an easy to use and very safe type of braking. On the other hand, the use of the handbrakes by the small handcuffs of our children can prove difficult at the start and requires more time. The front and rear reflectors, as well as those placed at the level of the pedals and between the spokes provide additional.


  • Durability: This sturdy bike can serve for a long time as it has a steel frame and alloy pads.
  • Reliability: Two brake systems can be used on this bike. The reflectors are also meticulously placed. With the crutch and the bell, the young cyclist benefits from a more secure use.


  • Not durable fixing: After a few months of rather moderate use, one of the wheels falls off for no reason.

Bikestar children’s mountain bike with brakes

To please your little girl or boy, you must consider offering him the best 20-inch bike. The classic Bikestar children’s bike with brakes is selected in this ranking for its robust construction. It is equipped with an ISO square axle CrMo crankset which simplifies pedalling. The frame is made of steel tubing, and the bushings are forged alloy.

It is an all-terrain children’s bike that parents consider most efficient. It is designed in an MTB style and features a frame with a flattened crossbar. An ergonomic saddle with adjustable height is also integrated. In addition, this model rides extra wide tires that provide the same sensations as with a mountain bike.

The main advantage of this bike is the presence of an ISO square axle CrMo crankset and the pads made of forged alloy. The safety handles are also toxin free. Also, the rear wheel has a brake handle. As for the side stand, it is very easy to use.

Your child enjoys optimal driving comfort thanks to the springs on which this bike is mounted and the thick tires. In addition, shocks are well absorbed even on difficult terrain. And since this model is 85% pre-assembled when purchased, you only need to finish the rest of the assembly in a quarter of an hour.

Recommended age: from approx. 6 years (body height 120cm) Saddle height: 58-72 cm | Handlebar height: 75-82 cm | Weight: 12.5kg

  • High-quality ISO CrMo crankset for easy pedaling
  • Very stable steel frame with impact-resistant lacquer
  • Adjustable height and tilt angle handlebar with padding
  • Ergonomic seat with adjustable height
  • Toxin-free certified safety handles
  • Child-friendly brake handle for the rear wheel brake
  • Very thick tires 50.8cm (20 inches) with great comfort
  • Equipped with a practical side stand
  • Delivered 85% pre-assembled, the final assembly is to be carried out in approx. 15 minutes

The style of a mountain bike

Our MTB-style children’s bike has all the elements of a real MTB: the ergonomic saddle, the special frame with a specially designed flattened crossbar, as well as the typical MTB overhang. To proudly survey all terrains!

Special production: mountain bike tires

A mountain bike also has typical extra-wide tires, which really give the feeling of riding an ATV through the streets. Added to this is the fact that the extra-wide tire makes riding more comfortable, because the bike is mounted on better springs, which optimally dampens shocks and bumps in every terrain.

High quality

The highlight of this bike is its ISO square CrMo crankset and forged alloy bushings. All with a design equal to that of high-end bicycles! No standard, low-quality ball bearings in simple suspension sheet metal that give way at the slightest load. No difficult pedaling movements that cause frustration in children.


  • MTB Design: This MTB-style bike features the same components as a real MTB, like the ergonomic saddle, extra wide tires and crossbar frame.
  • Efficiency: The performance of this model is explained by the square ISO CrMo crankset, which makes steering more practical. The integrated springs also guarantee maximum shock absorption.


  • Questionable finish: Even with careful use, the paint is gradually cracking in some places on this bike.

20-inch boy bike 

Bikestar kids cruiser bike with brakes

Faced with where to buy the best 20-inch bike, we direct your choice to Bikestar. This brand offers this model, which benefits from the cruiser style, mounted on extra wide 40.6 cm wheels which fit on alloy rims. The rounded frame with extended forks and the suspended saddle is also specific to the cruiser.

The safe use of this bike is guaranteed thanks to its compliance with European and American standards. Recommended for ages 6 and up, it stands out with its square ISO CrMo crankset and pads. To achieve increased stability, the frame is made of tubular steel. Coaster brakes are also present.

It is possible to adapt this “two-wheeler” according to the desired comfort because the saddle is tiltable and adjustable in height. Among the essential components are the bell and the side stand. Regarding assembly, this operation only takes a quarter of an hour since this model is 95% pre-assembled.


  • Cruiser style: This bicycle has specific features for the cruiser, namely the extra wide wheels, the rounded frame with fork and the suspended saddle.
  • Reliable: This bike is stable with a steel frame and meets the highest standards. The side stand and coaster brakes make use safer.


  • No tools: Buyers must have the necessary tools for assembly, particularly for inflating and mounting the tires and other components of the bicycle.

Purchase guide

Contrary to popular belief, a child’s bike is not chosen according to age but rather to size. For a child who measures between 1m20 and 1m35, you must opt ​​for a 20-inch model. If you’re a bit lost, here’s a buying guide for the best 20-inch bikes that addresses the most important criteria.


Before determining which is the best 20-inch bike on the market, you must first take the time to measure your child. It is an important step you should take into account to make the right choice. If you plan to buy a 20-inch bike, the young rider should be between 120 and 135 cm long. It will then be necessary to decide between a mountain bike and a BMX.

The latter is especially suitable for people who rarely ride and are on easy routes. On the other hand, the mountain bike is considered a mountain bike. Indeed, it can be driven on muddy or sandy ground. In addition, it offers more riding comfort thanks to its handlebars which are placed lower as well as a higher saddle.

In addition, it will be necessary to determine whether the bike is intended for a boy or a girl. For that, you have to look at the design. Moreover, most manufacturers offer many models with “girly” colours. That’s not all, because the frame design plays a vital role in your choice.

Indeed, your child should have no difficulty climbing on it and placing his feet on the ground. Some manufacturers market prototypes with an aluminium frame, which facilitates manoeuvres in the face of its lightness. Others, on the other hand, opt for steel, which is heavier than aluminium but is still less expensive.

The components

Going through a price comparison is an essential step when buying a 20-inch bike. However, you must check all the components of the model you want before placing your order. The gears are part of the essential elements since they facilitate driving.

Most models are equipped with 6 gears. Certain bicycles are equipped with rotating handles to simplify the shifting of gears. At this point, all you have to do is turn them up or down. For further clarification, other bikes have indexed shifters with two triggers for moving up and down.

The type of integrated fork also influences the use of a 20-inch bike. The telescopic fork is the most suitable for children who navigate difficult trails for its shock absorption capacity. It adds a few more grams to the machine on most mountain bikes. As for the rigid fork, it is appreciated for its lightness. Its use is recommended for children who ride in town or on asphalt.

To provide increased safety, it is also important to focus on the design of the brakes. Thus, you will be able to know how to choose the best 20-inch bikes of 2023. In most cases, 20-inch bikes are equipped with pads or V-brakes.

It is a simple system. However, its performance could be improved compared to discs if cyclists ride on wet or muddy courses. In wet weather, mechanical discs are more effective in adapting to difficult conditions. Finally, hydraulic discs are more expensive; however, it is the most reliable braking system.

The accessories

Take the time to check out the accessories that come with the two-wheeler when you need to learn how to buy a better-value 20-inch bike. It will also be necessary to insist on this since this machine is intended for young cyclists. First, make sure there is a small integrated basket on the handlebars. It is used to transport objects they may need on the journey.

The presence of a stand is essential so that the child can place his bike in an upright position without it falling. The horn is also one of the essentials since it makes it possible to signal the presence of the bicycle. This component can take different forms depending on the brand. For more security, the integration of a lock is also essential.

This element prevents theft attempts when the bike is parked in public places. In short, with all these tips, there is no risk that you will make a mistake in your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I buy a bicycle for my child?

A child can start riding a bicycle from the age of 3. However, the passage between the tricycle and the bicycle requires a period of adaptation. Anyway, stabilizers are still essential at this age. Otherwise, you can opt for models that do not have pedals. In this way, your little one can gradually learn to gain balance.

How to measure the size of a children’s bike in inches?

You should know that the size of a child’s bike corresponds to the dimensions of the wheels. As a rule, it is expressed in inches. Moreover, the measurements of the wheels should be mentioned on the sidewall of the tires to simplify your task. By researching the internet, you will find many indicative size tables that will help you make your choice.

What size is a 20-inch bike?

A 20-inch bike is generally suitable for a child between 1m20 and 1m35 tall or between 6 and 8 years old. Anyway, the compatibility between age and size is only for reference to better help you in your choice. Indeed, two children of the same age may not have the same height.

How to teach a child to ride a bicycle?

From 18 months, you can start introducing him to tricycles, and at around two years old, he will learn to ride on his own. It allows you to gradually develop your coordination and especially your autonomy. Around 4 to 5 years old, he can use a bicycle adapted to his size. It’s a good time to teach him how to go up and down. Then you can move on to learning how to start and how to pedal. After that, he must also know how to brake properly. Then it can start to launch on its own without the wheels and especially without your support.

How to adjust a children’s bike?

Adjusting a children’s bike is essential to be well-compatible with each small user. That said, it is necessary to adjust the saddle regularly to adapt to the latter’s growth. Once he is seated, check that his two feet are flat on the ground so that he can stop more easily. After 8 years, you can adjust the saddle a little more in height. At this time, only the tips of his feet should touch the ground when the bike is stationary.


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