How to Park Your Bike Safely in Town

More and more bicycle enthusiasts are faced with a problem: how to park your bike safely in town?

Cities are creating cycle lanes instead of lanes reserved for other vehicles. Many city dwellers now use bicycles to get around for work or pleasure (shopping, travelling, etc.).

Its use has become vital that it is sometimes complicated to circulate and park in certain cities. However, municipalities must address the problem of bicycle parking.

Where to park your bike

There are many types of bicycle parking.

The most popular are:

  • the arch
  • the covered shelter
  • The confined space

When choosing your location, you must ensure the safety of the place but also worry about the inconvenience caused to other users of the public space.

Racks best serve short stays. If there are many cyclists, you must have a suitable anti-theft device, such as a U-lock or chains.

Shelters and closed spaces are long-term parking devices that have been mandatory in new apartment buildings and offices since 2012.

If you are a tenant or owner of an apartment in an old building, you can ask the syndic to create a secure parking space for bicycles during the works, for example.

How to Park Your Bike Safely in Town

Can I park elsewhere?

It is not possible to park everywhere for security reasons, and it is essential to respect the spaces specially designed for this purpose.

Cyclists must follow the same driving and parking rules as other vehicles. If parked improperly for more than a few days, the bike may be impounded.

Sherlock: A shared lock that can be reserved via a dedicated application.

This type of transport is still subject to restrictions. One of the reasons is the higher probability of theft than for cars and bicycles. Sherlock, a company that promotes bicycles as an urban mobility solution, has launched an anti-theft program for more accessible bicycle parking.

The concept of the startup is simple: Install secure locks on poles and bollards in significant cities. They will allow cyclists to book them via a dedicated app and park their bikes there. We will no longer have to worry about our belongings being stolen or the possibility of not finding the lock we want.

Concretely, Sherlock aims to establish a network linking locks that allow reliable, simple and secure parking of bicycles throughout the city. To reach the most significant number of people, the Sherlock application will be accessible on both Android and iOS. To make users feel even more secure, the startup will offer an additional layer of security. In the event of a theft attempt, the user will receive a real-time notification. Sherlock guarantees a fixed reimbursement of up to $210 for any proven theft within 48 hours.


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