Preview Harley Davidson Series 1 E-Bike: Rush & Mosh

Harley Davidson Series 1 has finally released the official appearance and model of the electric bike they will sell next year (2021). If Harley Davidson only showed prototypes previously, we can now know how this Serial 1 e-bike will be made.

Previously it has been written here, why did Harley finally produce electric bicycles? This brand that is synonymous with big motorcycles collaborates with Serial 1, enters the more modern motorcycle market, and competes with bicycle brands that have been playing here for a long time. Automotive brands such as BMW, Audi, Jeep, and Ducati have also released their electric bicycle products. We will see the e-bike trend in the next few years.

Harley Davidson electric bikes have a different character and look. A more classic shape that looks big and powerful does not lose its trademark. This HD e-bike will go on sale in 2021 but can be pre-ordered.

There are 4 types/models of electric bicycles issued by Harley Davidson, namely:

Harley Davidson Series 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED

Price: $4999

HD Serial 1 Rush Speed ​​is HD’s most expensive electric bike. This e-bike can reach up to 28 mph or 45 kilometres per hour and is the fastest among other models. Some of the different components in the HD e-bike are:

Electric motor

Using a motor drive motor made in Germany Brose S-Mag, mid-drive, with 250W power and 90Nm of torque. Paired with a 706 Wh battery capacity, which can be used for a distance of 40-185 km (depending on the mode and terrain).

The battery is integrated into the frame, can be removed, and is equipped with a security lock. The battery requires a charge time of 6.6 hours for a full charge and 3.5 hours for a 75% charge.

Electric motor

Belt Dive

This e-bike does not use a chain, but a carbon belt drives from Gates with a Praxis crank. Delivers quieter, more efficient, and less maintenance-free performance.

This electric bicycle frame has an elevated chainstay or chainstay whose position is higher. This shape makes it easy to open the drive belt or remove the wheel. Unlike bicycles with chains usually positioned across the chainstay, the chain has to be cut if you want to open the chain. Drive belts cannot be disconnected, so frame geometries with elevated chainstays are very useful.

Gear Hubs

The bike’s gearing and gear ratio are regulated from the rear wheel hub. Using the Enviolo hub gear, a modern and futuristic hub which can change gears automatically. Gearing on this e-bike doesn’t require a shifter lever, making the bike look and use much more straightforward. The Enviolo hub will shift gears according to the torque of the cycling field. This automatic bicycle hub is beneficial for city bikes, stopping at red lights, chasing high speeds, uphill; we don’t need to be busy and dizzy to change gears (shifting).

Serial 1 application only

A smartphone application can be connected via Bluetooth for additional display and control and the bike’s digital controller.

Harley Davidson RUSH/CTY

Price: $4499

The Rush/Cty electric bike has the same shape and components as the Rush/Cty Speed, only with a lower speed, which is a maximum of 20mph or 32 kilometres per hour. This bike is distinguished because it uses a 529Wh battery, with a full charge time of 4.75 hours and 0-75% in 2.6 hours.

The bike is equipped with mudguards and fenders on the front and rear with a capacity of 10kg. The shape is like a hybrid bicycle, with flat handlebars and no suspension. Another addition is a small glove box for storing valuables or tools.

The HD electric bike doesn’t wear white tires like the prototype. White or skin wall/tan wall tires make the bike look more classic. This bike uses Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4″ tires, wide touring bicycle tires, making the bike more comfortable to wear and more stable.

This Rush electric bike also has integrated headlights and emblem lights. Interestingly, the brake light (red) at the rear is attached to the bicycle frame tube.

The brake system uses hydraulic disc brakes with heavy-duty 203mm rotors, essential for stopping powerful electric motors. Using the same drivetrain system as the speed version, the Brose S-Mag-drive-belt-hub gear is automatic. Including a torque sensor and digital controller, which has 4 modes to choose from for the character of the bike. This e-bike has no throttle (gas); the pedals and the motor control everything.

Harley Davidson RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU

Price: $4399

The Rush/Cty Step-Thru model distinguishes the frame’s shape; there is no top tube (bar in front of the saddle). This frame shape is typical for city and women’s bikes, making it easy to fit and position the legs on the bike.

All HD electric bike models have frame sizes S, M, L, and XL. So for those with short bodies/legs, you don’t have to choose this model; you can use other models as long as the foot position is comfortable. All Rush models weigh around 27 kilograms for an L frame.

Harley Davidson MOSH/CTY

Price: $3399

The Mosh/Cty E-Bike is a more straightforward Harley-Davidson electric bicycle with a single-speed and freewheel hub. Keep using the motor, battery, and drive belt with, a top speed of 20 km / h. It’s just that it doesn’t have a choice of gear, which makes this bike perhaps heavier to pedal, with acceleration and speed fluctuations that are not as smooth as other models.

But as long as the electric motor’s pedal assist assists it, the pedal’s weight is not too pronounced; maybe the battery runs out faster if you rely heavily on the motor to help the bike speed.

Harley Davidson Series 1 MOSH Blue Electric Bike

The Mosh also doesn’t have a digital display on the handlebar. Still, it can be connected to a smartphone with a dedicated Serial 1 app and use the smartphone as a controller. According to Series 1, the Mosh bike will use 27.5 x 2.8 tires, which are extensive for city bikes, similar to DownHill (DH) or fat bike tires.

Mosh bikes do not use fenders, mudguards and trunks, making for a sportier look and reducing the weight of this bike to only 21.9kg for the L size. This bike is more suitable for users who are spartan, don’t carry a lot of stuff, use more leg muscles and exercise, or want an HD electric bike at a lower price.

The Rush and Rush Step-Thru and Mosh bike models will be available sometime in September 2021, while the Rush Speed ​​will be available sometime in December 2021, while only shipping to the United States and Germany.

The Rush, Step-Thru, and Mosh models are included in the Class 1 e-bikes class based on a top speed of 20kmh. Meanwhile, Rush Speed ​​belongs to the S-Pedelec class (speed Pedelec) because it can reach 45kmh, which requires different regulations, similar to mopeds regulations.

To compare the prices of electric bikes: the Polygon Path E5 costs around 22.5 million, the Brompton e-folding bike around $3600, and the Indonesian-made e-MTB Patrol E-Six S around 80 million. This Harley Davidson Series 1 electric bicycle could be 2x the selling price because of postage costs and import taxes. The price of this HD electric bicycle is high because there are different qualities, history, class, brand/brand factors, and prestige.

It will be interesting to see how this Harley Davidson electric bike performs and how it will affect the development of e-bikes from other brands.

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