The 4 Best Folding Bikes 2023

4 Best Folding Bikes 2023 – folding bike test & comparison

At a time when ecology and the environment must have the most important places in our society, our relationship to transport is changing. In the city, we are witnessing an upsurge in bicycle users. Practical, light, and ecological, the Bike has it all. 

Folding bikes are on the rise, according to consumer reviews. Easy to fold, transport, and store, it has become an essential partner for cycling enthusiasts, especially in urban areas. This new enthusiasm has had the effect of multiplying the number of models available on the market.

To make the right purchase, find the right folding Bike, and benefit from the experience of other customers and the opinion of our experts who have tested many products, follow our buying guide and discover our illustrated comparison.

 What is a folding bike?

It is a bike whose protruding parts and frame can be reduced with hinges. However, its anatomy differentiates it from a classic and collapsible bicycle: the structure is lower, the wheels smaller, the handlebars higher, etc.

According to reviews and reviews, it is a great mobility device whose practicality continues to attract new users.

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Who is it for?

According to reviews and consumer reviews, the folding Bike is widely acclaimed by city dwellers due to its smaller size, lightness, and ease of folding. It is a bike perfectly suited to train/bus/metro intermodality.

It is the ideal equipment for getting to work because, unlike conventional bicycles, the foldable Bike is accepted on all public transport. However, there is also an increase in the purchase of folding bicycles for holidays.

Easier to transport than classic bikes, these models fit perfectly into a vacation in a motorhome or on a boat, according to some opinions.

Note from the expert: Making the right choice when buying a folding bike requires thinking carefully about how you will use it. If you want your Bike to accompany you everywhere on your trip, focus on solidity and folding technique. Conversely, if you use your Bike for occasional rides, focus on comfort and ergonomics.

How does a folding bike work?

The folding Bike has a folding and unfolding system that differs depending on the brand. According to tests and comparisons, there are four main types of folding: vertical folding of the umbrella bed type, horizontal or lateral folding, concertina folding, or dismantling.

If unfolded, your folding Bike looks like a bicycle; once folded, the wheels, the saddle, and the frame are united in a less bulky object. Some types of folding bikes do not require adjustment of the saddle and handlebar height each time they are unfolded, which saves a lot of time.

Advantages & areas of application

According to comparisons, product tests, and consumer reviews, the advantages of folding bikes are multiple. Practical and functional, it is a bike that adapts to various environments. It is very popular with consumers for its small size when folded, its lightness, performance, versatility, and authorization in public transport.

Although it is mainly used in urban areas for journeys between home and work or public transport and work, the comparisons highlight models that have appealed to cycling enthusiasts on vacation. It is common to come across them by sea.

What types of folding bikes are there?

What types of folding bikes are there

According to the comparisons, several types of folding bikes exist, depending on the practice granted to them.

The urban folding Bike or electric folding Bike

It is the most common model found in all the comparisons. It is designed for everyday use and equipped with equipment to make life easier for cyclists, such as a basket, luggage rack, lights, mudguards, etc.

It is simple, quick to fold, and just as easy to carry, move, and handle. According to reviews, electric models are perfect if you regularly climb hills.

Pros :


  • Simple to use and fold.
  • Ideal to be transported everywhere.


  • The weight of electric folding bike models.
  • The price.

      The folding Bike for trekking or travel

      This foldable Bike is solid and robust and has a luggage rack at the rear of the Bike but also at the front. Perfect for travel, it will allow you to go to the end of the world without asking yourself questions about its transport if you need to take the train or the plane.


      • Quick to fold to be put in the hold,
      • Offers great freedom.


      • Some models cannot accommodate panniers.

      The sports folding bike

      We find this model in the comparisons regularly. It is an ultra-light and less equipped folding bike than other models. Its design offers, above all, efficiency and performance.


      • Its lightness.


      • The fragile frame that does not allow transporting a child or heavy luggage

      The foldable cargo bike

      The folding Bike that can carry the whole family has been around for many years, despite what you might think. The Tern brand decided to bring this model up to date. And it’s not just a foldable bike, it’s a bike that quickly disassembles and fits easily on a train or in the trunk of a car to accompany a family wherever they want.


      • Ideal for family vacations.


      • Bulkier than a conventional bike.

          Information on the top 7 manufacturers/brands

          In addition to allowing you to target many folding bike models at a glance, the comparisons offer you an overview of the best brands. You will easily find the folding bike model you need, thanks to customer reviews and product tests.


          Brompton is undoubtedly the English folding bike brand par excellence! Its history began in 1975, and even today, bikes are produced in London. Its place in the comparisons is always attested, and the product tests and opinions confirm the quality of its bikes. The frames of its bikes are made of steel or titanium, and if its folding system has fallen into the public domain, the brand focuses its originality on the design of the bikes produced.


          FabricBike is a young brand specializing in fixie bikes, but it also produces very good folding bikes that are easily found in comparisons. Its originality lies in its design tool, which allows you to design your Bike. Hence, the brand’s motto is “Design by you, built by us.” They are very popular in customer reviews.


          Although it is a very young brand, born in 2011, Tern still ranks high in the comparisons, and consumer opinions are unanimous. The brand’s folding bikes are of high quality and are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. The brand emphasizes the quality of the bikes, the ease of folding, and innovation.


          Revoe is a brand that has decided to revolutionize urban transport modes. To do this, the brand designs and produces travel solutions from the first to the last mile for urban environments through electric folding bikes. Most bikes are designed and developed in France. Comparisons and customer reviews are unanimous: the quality is there with Revoe folding bikes.


          Windgoo is a brand of a high-tech company specializing in intelligent transportation tools. Despite rare products in France, the brand often finds itself in a good position in comparison, and customer reviews are very positive about its effects.


          Dahon is undoubtedly one of the brands most often found in comparisons and favored by customer reviews. Tests of its folding bikes highlight their high build quality. Created in 1982, the brand owns no less than 200 patents in producing folding bicycles. Their bikes have wheels ranging from 16 to 24 inches, and more than 5 million products are circulated today.


          Mobiky is a Chinese brand born in 2003. It became French in 2010 before being sold again. Mobiky’s foldable Bike has good customer feedback thanks to its quick folding in travel cot mode. Still rare in comparison, the brand is still booming.

          Folding Bike Review Examples

          FabricBike Folding Bike

          The FabricBike foldable Bike is made of lightweight Single Speed ​​18T aluminium, which makes it easy to transport and store. It has 20-inch wheels that allow quick acceleration. Braking is progressive and provided by Promax brakes.

          The FabricBike folding Bike has many qualities, such as its water-dispersing tires, very comfortable saddle, and ergonomic handles. It easily folds to portable dimensions of 10 x 30 x 22 inches. The FabricBike foldable Bike will support people weighing up to 95 kilos.

          Benefits :

          • It’s lightness and easy transport,
          • Its manoeuvrability
          • Well-designed equipment
          • It’s urban style.


          • The handlebar decenters, after unfolding,
          • The paint is not of very good quality,
          • The friction of the brakes on the wheel.

          Revoe Urban Foldable Electric Bike

          The Revoe Urban folding electric Bike is an adult bike designed with an aluminum frame and a 250W motor. It offers a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a range of 40 km. It will take about four hours to fully charge the battery of the Revoe Urban foldable electric Bike.

          An LCD allows you to adjust the different assistances: 6, 15, and 25 km/h. Starting aid is available, and drum brakes provide braking. The wheels are 14 inches, and the Bike weighs 17 kg.

          Benefits :

          • Its reliability,
          • Its practicality,
          • His style.


          • Lack of suspension under the saddle,
          • His weight.

          Windgoo Folding Electric Bike

          The Windgoo folding electric bike is designed with aluminum alloy, which ensures sturdiness and durabilityIt can support a load of 120 kg.

          The Windgoo folding electric bike is reliable to drive, thanks in particular to its disc brakes at the rear, its horn, and its lights at the front and back. It offers a range of 20 to 30 km and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. It will take about two or three hours for a full charge.

          Benefits :

          • Its stability,
          • Its solidity,
          • It’s value for money.


          • The fenders are made of plastic and are easily scratched,
          • Autonomy below what is announced.

          The advantages and disadvantages described in customer reviews

          Product tests, consumer reviews, and various comparisons highlight the advantages and disadvantages identified. Regarding folding bikes, here is a non-exhaustive list of the criteria often identified in comparisons and customer reviews.

          10 benefits based on consumer reviews of 3-4 products on Amazon:

          • Lightness.
          • The easy-to-use folding system.
          • Minimum clutter.
          • Battery life of electric folding bikes.
          • The ease of transport.
          • The possibility of taking it on all public transport.
          • Design.
          • The equipment.
          • The sturdiness of the frame.
          • Performance.

          Ten review-based drawbacks the buyer should be aware of:

          • The lack of stability is due to the small wheels.
          • The lack of comfort is due to the lack of suspensions and shock absorbers.
          • Limited performance, especially in terms of speed.
          • The difficulty of obtaining spare parts.
          • The disadvantage of having to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars after each unfolding.
          • Less durability compared to a conventional bike.
          • The price.
          • The weight.
          • Plastic equipment that does not last long.
          • The low autonomy of certain electric models.

          8. Common shortcomings and shortcomings – “What should be considered when buying a folding bike?

          Before buying your folding Bike, take the time to establish a few selection criteria using our comparison. The budget of your Bike must be adapted to the frequency of use. If you reserve it for daily and intensive use, be aware that the budget will be greater than for a bike you use occasionally.

          On the other hand, paying attention to the simplicity of folding will be necessary, especially if you intend to use it every day. Also, make sure that when folded, your Bike moves easily.

          Therefore, the most important thing is whether your folding Bike can roll. Its weight and size are also criteria to which attention must be paid. Take the time to test its comfort, saddle, and handlebar settings, equipment, etc.

          What does science say about the folding Bike?

          Whatever the type of Bike, the science is unanimous: playing sports is good for your health! In the case of city dwellers, in addition to allowing them to transform their journey to work into a sporting moment, cycling multiplies the benefits on our health. It helps to have a more efficient brain, reduces diabetes, and improves mental health.

          It improves balance and sexual vitality and helps to have a better cardiovascular system. In addition, cycling reduces the risk of developing cancer, gives more energy daily, and improves sleep and the immune system.

          Coming soon

          The field of cycling is a constantly changing world. What will be the folding Bike of the future? Several brands’ Research and Development offices join forces with designers to work on new, even more, innovative models.

          The foldable Bike lends itself to this desire to create innovative designs, particularly regarding the folding system. A few future creations stand out, including the folding Bike by Englishman Thomas Owen, which he calls the One Bike.

          Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it looks like an almost completely cylindrical object when folded. The other futuristic design comes to us from the Czech Josef Cadek. He designed an innovative geometry to compact the wheels in the center of the frame.

          Folding bike alternatives

          The best alternative to the folding Bike is certainly the collapsible Bike. Some models of collapsible bikes are designed to fit into a pannier the size of a bicycle wheel. Another possible alternative: is the fixie. City dwellers emulate this Bike because its lightness is hard to compete with.

          Links and additional sources


          How long does it take to fold a folding bike?

          Depending on the folding bike models, folding your Bike will take a few seconds to a few minutes. Most brands offer tutorials to make folding and unfolding your Bike easier.

          How big is a folding bike when folded?

          It will depend on the model and brand you have chosen, but overall, the advantage of the folding Bike is that it only takes up a little space, in any case, much less than a classic bike.

          Should you pedal faster on a folding bike?

          Compared to a classic bicycle which, with larger wheels, takes advantage of the inertia, a folding bike requires a little more effort. However, this gives him a playful side because he is skillful and maneuverable. It is also valuable when starting out, as it has more torque and will be more comfortable on slopes than a conventional bike.

          Is a folding bike as fast as a traditional bike?

          As for the inertia, the folding Bike has smaller wheels; at equivalent times, it will travel fewer kilometers than a conventional bike. That’s why they are perfect bikes for city, touring, and leisure cycling.

          How much does a folding bike weigh?

          It depends on the model you have chosen. For electric models, a folding bike’s weight can vary from 9 to 18 kg. However, maneuverability is the most important thing because you will not necessarily have to carry your Bike when folded.

          How can I reduce the weight of my folding Bike?

          There are a few tricks, such as changing your tires to replace them with much lighter tires, changing the seat post and the saddle, getting rid of components that are not essential, and modifying others to replace them with models in titanium.

          Is a folding bike as durable as a classic bike?

          The main weak point of the folding Bike is in the hinges and levers that allow it to be folded and unfolded. However, the major brands are now designing high-quality folding bike models with proven durability.

          Is it better to choose a classic folding bike or an electric one?

          It will depend on what you want to use it for. If you want to get to work every day only by Bike and go through many climbs, an electric folding bike is definitely the right choice. But if it’s just a matter of cycling for a few minutes between the bus and your job, don’t overload yourself unnecessarily.

          Can a baby carrier be installed on a folding bike?

          On some models, like Dahon bikes, yes. The racks are high enough for the seat to be installed and for the child to sit comfortably.

          Is a folding bike better than a scooter?

          It’s a matter of taste, but on the safety side, the Bike is safer, especially in a town where corridors are designed for their circulation. The news shows that the scooter is far too often responsible or a victim of traffic accidents.

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