5 Reasons Why Are Mountain Bikes So Expensive Today?

Mountain biking is growing in popularity every day. Mountain bikes have become more expensive due to their popularity. So why is mountain biking so expensive?

Frames are more expensive to design and process than individual parts. MTB technology is changing rapidly and becoming more and more costly.

I will discuss These factors in more detail.

Also, consider the other options, such as buying a used bike or building your mountain bike.

We also distinguish a cheap MTB option from an expensive one to help you understand why it is so often expensive.

Why Are Mountain Bikes So Expensive? (Detailed View)

Here are the 5 reasons why mountain bikes have such high retail prices:

1. Buying a reasonable mountain bike frame is expensive

Mountain bikes should be light and robust. Aluminium and carbon fibre are the best materials for mountain bikes, but they don’t come cheap.

In particular, carbon fibre frames are the most expensive and can therefore be identified with high-end mountain bikes.

Not only is it lighter and stronger, but it also has a stiffer frame. Lighter and stronger frames are more comfortable for climbing hills.

They are often of perfect geometry, which makes them more expensive.

2. Individual Components Are Expensive

Brakes and drivetrain heavily influence mountain bike prices.

Mountain bikes are meant to be tough and capable of handling the most challenging terrain. However, this is only possible if your brakes and drivetrain are strong.

In poor conditions, the brakes must provide more precise stopping power.

There are cantilever brakes and calliper brakes. However, they are not as popular as disc brakes.

Disc brakes are more reliable and efficient in all weather conditions. You can also stop quickly, thanks to their superior power.

Unfortunately, disc brakes don’t come cheap.

You may also find higher quality versions of drivetrain components such as cassettes, derailleurs, and cranks that are more expensive to assemble.

Suspension forks are also essential when you are on rough terrain.

Higher quality mountain bikes come with more robust and lighter suspensions, which are more expensive to assemble and test.

You can find other components that explain why a mountain bike is expensive, such as upgraded wheels, low-pressure knobby tires, seat posts, and stems.

3. Raw Material Processing And Bike Engineering Are Expensive

Before manufacturing the frame or other components, the carbon and aluminium must be treated in their raw state.

Because it involves unique technology and additional labour, processing can be more expensive than materials.

Another expensive field is engineering. Another expensive field is engineering. It includes testing and data validation.

Each piece must be perfectly shaped and welded to create the perfect frame.

4. Mountain Bikes Are More Expensive Because Designs Are Constantly Changing.

Mountain bike manufacturers continue to develop new mountain bike designs that are more efficient, comfortable, and durable every day.

They are therefore more expensive than the models before them.

Mountain biking used to be bigger and heavier. Modern mountain bikes seem the exact opposite. They are lighter and less bulky.

These developments have pushed up the retail prices of ATVs.

5. Fewer Mountain Bike Manufacturers

The rule of economics states that there is less competition for the price of a product, which in turn leads to higher prices. Mountain bike manufacturers are much smaller than hybrid and road bikes.

Even more troubling is that existing competitors’ source drivetrains through SRAM and Shimano. They pay more and pass the cost on to the buyer.

The fact that there are fewer competitors means buyers have fewer choices. They are not required to lower prices to attract customers.

Mountain Bikes: How Expensive Are They? How Much Should a Mountain Bike Cost?

Below is a table showing the average price of mountain bike categories.

Hardtails and entry-level mountain bikes are generally less expensive than their advanced, intermediate, and professional counterparts.

I have given price ranges for each level to show the price determinants.

These include the components’ brand, size, style, and quality.

Are There Cheaper Options?

These include:

1. Low-End Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes can be expensive, but you can still get a cheap mountain bike for as little as $30.

Low-end mountain bikes are dangerous because they lack reliable components.

There are decent options for budget ATVs if you look deeper. Below are the most economical mountain bikes on the market.

2. Used Mountain Bikes

Another option is to buy a used high-end mountain bike on Craigslist or eBay.

Although you don’t have to pay top dollar for a mountain bike, you will get high-quality components and a quality product.

You should be aware that second-hand mountain bikes can have technical problems.

You may need to spend more on repairs, upgrades, or modifications once you buy the bike.

3. Build Your Own ATV (Custom)

An entry-level, mid-level, or high-end mountain bike can be purchased and upgraded with whatever high-end components you desire.

Although you may not save much, this method may be less expensive than buying a fully assembled high-end option.

However, you must know what you are doing. Knowing how to fix your bike and getting the right components is essential.

You have the advantage of having pieces that can be used differently, depending on your preferences.

Are High-End Mountain Bikes Worth The Investment?

It’s tempting to skip a high-end mountain bike just because it’s expensive and go for a less expensive option. The cheaper ATV will offer massive savings at first.

Let’s face it; these are the things you buy when you think you’re saving.

  • Poor quality components include brakes and transmissions as well as shock suspension.
  • A heavier frame
  • Mountain bikes are less reliable and more comfortable.

Poor quality components can cause damage and wear out faster than high-quality ones. You will pay a lot of repair costs.

A heavier frame makes pedalling harder, especially uphill. It takes the joy out of mountain biking.

Mountain biking can be less reliable and more comfortable when riding over rough terrain.

It is not financially prudent to buy a cheap mountain bike because it will be expensive in the long run. High-end mountain bikes can be worth the investment.

You also now understand why mountain bikes can be so expensive.


Are Mountain Bikes Worth It?

Mountain bikes can be pricey, but they come with high-quality frames and components to withstand the roughest terrain.
If you value performance, it’s worth spending the extra money on a mountain bike.

How much does a good mountain bike cost?

It’s possible to buy a beginner’s hardtail – but a decent entry-level full suspension mountain bike will cost you –
However, an intermediate or advanced complete suspension mountain bike will be more expensive.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Mountain Bike?

It’s usually cheaper to buy a complete mountain bike than to build it yourself.
However, a custom ATV can often be more affordable than a fully assembled ATV.
However, this is only true if the components are sold at a discount.

Do I Need A Cheap Mountain Bike?

Although you can save money by buying a cheap mountain bike, the long-term costs can still be higher.
It is because cheaper mountain bikes have lower quality frames and parts that are more prone to failure. Their maintenance and repair costs can be much higher.

Which Mountain Bike Is The Cheapest?

These are the top five most affordable mountain bikes.
Hurley Electric Bikes Tailslide Mountain Bike
Royce Union RCF Lightweight Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike
LANG TU 26” Folding Electric Mountain Bike
Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

Final Thoughts About Why Are Mountain Bikes So Expensive?

Mountain bikes are generally more expensive because they have expensive components that can be difficult to assemble and process.

You’re paying for quality, and you don’t have to compromise by buying an inferior mountain bike.


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