ADO Air eBike: The Folding Electric Bike of Your Dreams?

ADO Air eBike or A DECE OASIS has just released ADO Air, the new ultra-light, foldable electric bike. With an aluminum body and a light weight of around 16 kg, this compact electric bike is easy to transport and store.

Folding electric bikes are becoming an essential means of transport for daily trips or leisure. ADO, this leader in electric bicycles, intends to meet the needs of more customers, including those who are more cost-conscious. It has launched a new folding electric bike dubbed ADO Air. This e-bike claims to offer a genuinely thrilling e-bike experience at a more affordable cost.

ADO Air Bike: a fold-able electric bike with a quality design

ADO Air eBike

Undoubtedly, the exceptional mobility of the new ADO Air Bike makes it unique. Indeed, it is an incredibly light fold-able electric bike made of aluminium. It can be stored in the trunk of the car.

With its aluminum frame, this electric bike weighs around 16 kg and can be lifted with one hand. Thus, it meets all the needs for daily transport. You can also wear it quickly up and down stairs, on the train, or on the subway.

Also, it benefits from a carbon belt. The carbon belt transmission is more efficient and durable than a standard chain. This belt produces no noise and requires no maintenance. The bike also has an electronic horn, a rear light, and a front light. The controls for these components, in addition to the LED display and rear brake lever, are located on the left side of the non-adjustable front handlebar.

Ado Air Bike: a compact yet powerful electric bike

The electric bike for the European market is equipped with a 250W motor on the rear hub. The torque sensor will make the bike more appealing to urban bike users. Indeed, many cyclists prefer the responsiveness and smoothness of the torque sensor over the start-and-stop feel of the pedal cadence assist system. In addition, the torque sensor continuously checks the cyclist’s movements and provides assistance only when needed. It improves motor efficiency and extends battery life.

Also, ADO Air benefits from a Samsung battery with a maximum range of 100 km. ADO Air can take you to any destination, and enjoy the journey with your loved ones. Another essential advantage concerns the color screen. The latter connects to the smartphone via a dedicated application. Just touch and activate the ADO Smart function and use it instantly. It also records the duration and distance of your trip.

Although the crowdfunding campaign for ADO’s new electric bike has started, it is not yet accessible. However, you can sign up for updates and news about its launch.


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