BMX Bikes For Big Guys 2022

This article is about BMX bikes for big guys. It will help you to choose the right bike for your size.

There is a common belief that big men can’t ride BMX. Many people think that there are no BMX bikes available for big men. They assume they can’t do stunts in the air or ride a bike.

It’s not true; it’s just a myth! Adults can ride BMX. They may not be the fastest or the most flexible, but they still enjoy this breathtaking and mind-blowing sport.

Are you an overweight person and want to know what sport to practice? Try BMX. This guide will help you find the bike that’s right for you.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you find the perfect BMX bike, whatever your size. Start with a BMX size chart.

General BMX Size Guide

It is important to note that BMX bikes come in different sizes and lengths. These two specs can be used to help you find a BMX bike that suits your needs.

General BMX Size Guide

You should know that I am not only talking about your height but also your weight. Below is a size guide that applies to all types of BMX, including cruisers.

BMX cruiser

Here is a size guide for BMX cruiser bikes for kids and adults:

For the BMX cruiser, we don’t use the top tube length. There are only three options for frames.

Let’s answer the question using the two graphs.

How much weight can a BMX bike carry?

It is clear from the first table that a BMX bike with a pro, proXL, or proXXL frame size can handle any weight.

One caveat: your size should match your top tube length. It is more important to consider your height rather than your weight.

The Pro frame can handle any weight when used for BMX cruiser bikes. The caveat is that you need to be at least 13cm taller than the frame.

Different Types Of BMX Bikes For The Big Ones

Now that BMX bikes are tall and legal, and even tall men can ride them, let’s talk about the different options available on the market. These are the best BMX bike options for tall people.

BMX Bikes For Big Guys 2022 Complete Guide

1. Racing BMX Bikes For Fat Guys

Race BMX bikes are specially designed for racing. Due to their long wheelbase and shorter head tube, these bikes are stable at high speeds.

This bike geometry positions you closer to the rear of the bike. They’re made mostly of aluminum and lightweight, but they’re just as strong.

They are equipped with carbon steel or Chromoly forks to improve their stability. They usually have 51cm wheels, except in the cruiser style, which has 61cm options.

Their tires are usually an inch wider than their rims, and their rims are generally narrower. The handlebars on these bikes are approximately 26-29 inches wide by 5-9 inches high and have a 50mm long stem.

They also come with a lighter and smaller saddle, which helps reduce weight.

The lightweight frame of this racing BMX bike weighs only 15 kg. This frame is ideal for intermediate and professional riders, from 13 cm7 in height.

It is a professional race or practice BMX race.

2. Heavy Guys Get Freestyle BMX Bikes

Freestyle BMX bikes can be used for high-risk stunts, not racing. Although they are slightly heavier than their purebred sibling, they are still more affordable.

These bikes are more stable because they have a shorter wheelbase and longer chain stays. However, their geometry makes them more maneuverable, agile, and perfect for stunts.

The top tubes on these bikes are 20.22 inches. They are usually made from steel frames and forks and have reasonably 36-spoke solid wheels.

They have less grippy tires and a low profile. Their handlebars are 28-76 cm wide and 8-25 cm high. They have more comprehensive, padded seats that protect against injury from heavy landings than racing BMX.

  • L10 (best for 10cm10cm -13cm0)
  • L20 (best for 10cm20cm -13cm10cm)
  • L40 (best for 13cm0-13cm15cm).
  • L60 (best for 13cm0- 13cm15cm)
  • L80 (best for 13cm15cm- 15cm0)
  • L500 (best for 13cm20cm+).
  • L100 (best for 13cm20cm+)

3. Jump BMX (Dirt Jumpers) For Fat Guys

Dirt Jumpers, BMX bikes designed to fly, are BMX bikes. These bikes are perfect for jumping over obstacles.

These bikes are a perfect mix of freestyle BMX and hardtail mountain bikes, so you get the best of both.

These BMX bikes are available in 51cm and 61cm wheel sizes. However, we have a few that can be fitted with 66cm wheels.

If you are looking for an off-road racer or a high jumper, Mafiabikes Blackjack D is the right choice. It can be ridden anywhere outdoors, from trails to local roads.

4. Street BMX Bikes For A Big Guy

Street BMX bikes can be ridden or over obstacles such as curved walls, handrails, and hedges.

These BMX bikes can perform tricks, grinds, and high jumps better than any other type.

Their seats are high, and their heads are tilted to allow them to make bigger jumps. They also have a shorter wheelbase, making them more agile but slightly unstable.

This street BMX bike is available in a 74cm size. It also has 70cm wheels which are perfect for taller riders. The bike has very responsive disc brakes and double suspension for optimal shock absorption. It also has a heat-treated aluminum frame that promises durability.

5. Park BMX For Fat Guys

Park BMX was designed for local skateparks. Some bikes have brakes; some don’t. Most BMX bikes also come with pegs that can be used for freestyle jumping.

Park BMX bikes are similar in some ways to street-style options. Both bikes have a shorter wheelbase, making them handy and quicker but slower at high speeds.

7. BMX Cruiser Bikes For The Big Ones

The most giant BMX cruiser bike frames are 24-inch wheels. Due to their more accommodating geometry, BMX cruiser bikes are best suited for tall men.

You can race on BMX cruiser bikes, but you can also do stunts. That’s how versatile these bikes can be.

This BMX bike is 61cm tall and has race-style geometry that lets you race. This BMX bike is more comfortable than traditional racing BMX.

The bike’s Chromoly steel frame makes it tough to ride, and the simple single-speed drivetrain makes for easy maintenance. BMX bikes are affordable and can be used by all BMX riders.

People Ask Questions Too

1. What is a Good Adult BMX Bike?

An adult BMX must be able to support his weight and correspond to his height. Consider frame size and top tube length.
Adults can ride any BMX with a 52cm top tube and a Pro, Pro XL, or Pro XXL size frame.

2. Is a 51cm BMX bike suitable for adults?

Adults can comfortably ride 51cm BMX bikes as long as the top tube length, frame size, and weight match that of the adult.
Any 51cm BMX with a top tube of 67cm or more and a pro, proXL, and Pro XXL level frame size is suitable for adults.

3. Are there weight limits for BMX bikes?

Children’s BMX bikes have a weight limit of 150-73 kg. However, BMX bikes for adults can be different. There is no weight limit. Choosing the correct frame size, top tube length, or a combination of the two is often the key to choosing an adult BMX bike.

4. What Size BMX Bike Should A 6-Foot Man Ride?

A BMX must be purchased with a Pro XL or Pro XXL size frame. Pro XXL frames are better for him, as they are more spacious.

Final Thought

Now you know which BMX bikes are best for big men. My guide can help you choose the right bike depending on your BMX goals.

It is essential to emphasize the size of the bike. It will make the difference between a good BMX and one that is not suitable.


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