Mountain Bike Maintenance Tools

Here are the essential tools and repair kits to ensure your mountain bike is in top condition.

You will need the proper maintenance tools to maintain your mountain bike properly. Some tools may already be in your standard toolkit, while other tools are more bike-specific and need to be purchased from a bike shop.

Basic Tools

The following tools are handy for general mountain bike maintenance and can be purchased at any hardware store, or you may already have them in your general tool kit. It’s a good idea to have at least these general tools if you want to keep your bike in good shape:

  • Screwdriver set (including Phillips and flat head types).
  • Wrench Set (Ring and Open End Wrenches) – 6mm to 17mm.
  • Socket set – 6mm to 17mm.
  • Metric Allen Wrench Set.
  • Small adjustable wrench.
  • Pair of utility pliers.
  • Long nose pliers.

Specialized bicycle tools

Properly maintaining your bike will require a range of specialist bike maintenance tools, some of which can only be purchased at bike shops. If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast and want to keep your bike in top condition, you might want to have some of these tools on hand too:

  • Pair of cable cutters.
  • Chain riveting tool.
  • Chain whip.
  • Crank extractor.
  • Flat conical keys.
  • Freewheel splined socket.
  • Headphone keys set.
  • Good rail pump or hand pump (preferably with a pressure gauge).
  • The spanner spoke.
  • Tire levers.

It’s always worth looking for a bike maintenance tool kit that contains almost everything you need for your bike. It is convenient to ensure you have all the tools you need without having to buy them individually!

Basic road bike repair kit

You should never take any tour without carrying a basic repair kit. Many repairs are quick and straightforward to do with the right tools and can save you a long walk home! Here are the tools and spare parts you might want to include in your bike repair kit:

  • At least one spare inner tube.
  • Hole repair kit.
  • ‘Multi-tool’ bike has various sizes: Allen wrench, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Chain riveting tool.
  • Tire levers.
  • Good hand pump.
  • Small pocket knife.
  • Small piece of rubber or tire lining for repairing tire cuts.

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