The Best Backpack for Mountain Biking

Backpacks are very practical when mountain biking; there’s nothing like it for easily transporting supplies of water, food, small tools, and repair kits. They come in all sizes and at all prices, so it is essential to be well-informed about the main criteria of choice before buying yours.

You will have understood it, according to its practice, we will choose a more or less big bag. In cross-country competition, it will be necessary to favour a very small bag, very compact and light, with a capacity of less than 10L. You can generally integrate a 1.5l water bladder, your Smartphone, keys, and some tools.

  • For hiking enthusiasts, bags with a capacity of between 10 and 30L will suffice, depending on the business and equipment you have to carry. You can take your water bag, tools, a waterproof or windproof jacket, etc.
  • Beyond 30L of capacity, the bags will be more suitable for bivouacs or photo enthusiasts (to store your imposing lenses safely). The space available will be sufficient to carry sleeping bags and a tent, but the bag’s overall weight will necessarily be greater.
EVOC, FR Trail Blackline Protector, 20L, Backpack, Black, XL

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CamelBak Octane XCT Hydration Pack


CamelBak H.A.W.G. Pro 20 Bike Hydration Backpack



Pilots’ expectations concerning their backpacks differ according to their practice. The different types of bags do not fulfill the same objectives. They are more or less light, airy, or rigid.

  • High-performance ventilation at the back is a real plus for your bag. It will prevent you from sweating excessively during your outing, allowing you to maintain comfort even in hot weather.
  • Different technologies depend on the brands ( CamelbackUSWESalomon ) and bag models. The most common is the stretched back, i.e., a mesh net used to hold the bag slightly off the back to promote airflow.
  • The size of the water pockets varies from one litre to more than 3 litres depending on the model. Water bladders can be purchased separately, allowing you to choose the most suitable size or replace a worn bladder.
  • It is important to look at the water bag as a whole, its overall quality of manufacture (resistance, quality of the plastics used) but also more specific elements such as the pipette or the size of the opening of the bag (if it is large, you can add ice cubes and clean it more easily).
  • The number of straps varies on mountain bike bags, but it is recommended to have at least 2 attachment points (at chest level and lower abdomen) so the bag stays in place, even when the paths are longer chaotic.
  • Some bags have external straps that allow you to keep your protection (knee pads, elbow pads, or helmet) at the back of the bag without them getting in the way when climbing.
  • For practitioners who want more protection, some brands offer bags with an integrated back protector included in the bag purchase or as an option. It can be very interesting for downhill or freeride enthusiasts who don’t want to accumulate too many different layers. Their comfort and performance will be better.
  • rain cover is also appreciated when it’s raining because even if your bag is already waterproof, moisture will seep inside. Therefore, some bags have a fold-out waterproof layer that keeps the whole bag dry.
  • Ladies prefer a bag adapted to your morphology! Some manufacturers, like Camelbak, offer versions with a feminine fit.

Following the test, we offer you a list of mountain bike hydration bags. The first reason to buy a bag with a water pocket for MTB is the possibility of drinking water more easily via a clip system. It is no longer necessary to stop or use both hands. The end of the hose is directly accessible through the mouth.

Below is the list of Best Backpack for Mountain Biking

Evoc Protector Enduro: Best Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

Evoc Protector Enduro: Best Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

Renowned for its attention to detail and the precision of its products, the EVOC brand is not to be outdone regarding hydration packs. Its Evoc Protector Enduro model is specifically intended for mountain bike enthusiasts and allows extreme practices in the best conditions.

The first advantage of this Mountain bike water bag is its integrated back protector. Whatever the intensity of the discipline, it allows you to maintain a good position and excellent back ventilation.

This EVOC MTB bag model is just as light, weighing 950 grams with dimensions of 27 x 56 x 7 cm. It is available in two sizes:

– size S with a capacity of 8 litres, which is best suited to cyclists between 1m55 and 1m70 in height;

– size M can hold up to 10 litres and is dedicated to athletes from 1m70 to 1m92.

However, it should be noted that the Evoc Protector Enduro does not come with a water bladder but is compatible with 3-litre bladders. Its CE certification is a real guarantee of quality for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Bike Bage

It’s essential to protect your equipment. EVOC, a company known for creating high-quality cycling backpacks, has the perfect bag for you. The black line protector backpack is designed to keep your kit safe while on the go. It has a 20-litre capacity, making it plenty large enough to accommodate all your needs. You can also adjust the straps to fit any body size, and there are multiple pockets inside and out to store everything you need. Finally, the overall design is sleek and professional, making it ideal for any cyclist looking for quality protection.

Evoloc, a company that makes safe bike transport pads, has developed a new design that makes it easier for riders to move their bikes around. The Tailgate Pad is made of durable fabric and plastic and is fixed to your truck bed with screws and washers. This design allows bikes to be transported securely without fear of being stolen or damaged.

There is a wide range of backpacks that are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Some backpacks are lightweight and easy to carry, while others are more tailored for specific tasks or activities. Whatever your activity, check out the available backpacks before making your purchase.

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Camelbak Octane XCT: Ultra-light MTB hydration pack

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Ultra-light, the Camelbak Octane XCT is the model that makes life easier for cyclists. It’s compact design and narrow cuts make this model a simple and practical accessory. It won’t get in the rider’s way if fully charged.

Ultra-light, the Camelbak Octane XCT is the model that makes life easier for cyclists. It’s compact design and narrow cuts make this model a simple and practical accessory. It won’t get in the rider’s way if fully charged.

This model of MTB backpack has an NV back panel that serves as a load distance on the back, allowing maximum ventilation. A specific lumbar platform has also been installed by the manufacturer so that the weight of the load is placed on the lower back. The cyclist is thus guaranteed to move easily and in complete comfort.

Camelbak has added several separate compartments to its Octane XCT model to maximize user well-being. It includes a pocket for storing a mobile phone, a belt pocket with four compression points, a pocket for storing repair materials, and an expandable helmet holder.

The MTB water bag can contain the necessities for a day out in the open air. It can store up to 3 litres of water to quench the runner’s thirst throughout his journey. Moreover, a magnetic fastening system makes it easy to access the drinking tube without stopping or using both hands.

On the resistance side, the Camelbak Octane XCT also offers what an MTB racer needs. The bag has been designed with perforated foam and ultralight 3D mesh to be both ventilated and robust. It also comes with a removable rain cover.

There are various ways to manage anhydrous water stored in a tube trap. One way is to place the hydration tube in a closed-loop system, where each stage of the system (the reservoir, the filter, and the sumo wrestler) removes water as it flows through it. It keeps the hydration tube accessible but also secure. Another way to manage anhydrous water is to place the hydration tube in multiple stages, where each stage removes water as it flows through it. A third way to manage anhydrous water is to place the hydration tube in a single stage, where only one flow direction is allowed.

When you’re moving, having the best air flow possible is crucial. An excellent way to achieve this is by using a 3D vent mesh. A 3D vent mesh helps create a more efficient airflow and keeps you comfortable while you’re moving.

An attached safety whistle is a great way to be heard in an emergency. By having the attached safety whistle with you, you can be sure that you are being heard in case of an emergency. It will help to keep everyone safe during any momentary chaos.

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Camelbak HAWG: Hydration Backpack with Back Protector

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Weighing only 620 grams, the Camelbak HAWG backpack is a lightweight model. It is a practical and comfortable hydration bag with a total storage capacity of 12 litres. It comes with a hydration pocket with a capacity of 3 litres.

MTB hydration bag: our favourite Camelbak HAWG

This MTB water bag stands out for its aerodynamic and practical side. Its unisex design can be suitable for both men and women. It can fit a height between 66 and 116 cm and a torso between 43 and 53 cm. The straps of the backpack are designed to provide maximum comfort.

Although very compact, it has many storage pockets. Everything is provided for slipping a phone, a wallet, a U-lock, a mini pump, a sandwich, etc. Inside the bag, there is integrated storage for tools. The Camelbak Kudu also provides a system on the side for attaching an MTB helmet.

Our test found that this MTB backpack with a water bladder is much better quality than a budget model. The water tank system is practical. It is an opening system to fill it is well studied. The valve system is ingenious to avoid leaks.

The only downside to the system is that the pacifier tends to come off its tip too easily. Setting up the tank inside is a bit tricky at first. That’s a habit to take. The tank must be thoroughly cleaned before first use. In case of storage, lets it dry in the open air so that no moisture remains inside.

Different fixing systems are also available to ensure stability throughout the course. The stability belt that fastens around the waist is removable. This hydration bag can also be used for a short walk but is a little too wide for running.

The Camelbak HAWG is suitable for hot weather with its ventilated back panel and ventilated shoulder straps. The tank opening system makes it easy to put ice cubes. Based on our test, we believe this MTB bag can maintain water freshness for 4-5 hours.

This mountain bike hydration pack can also be used on rainy days. To protect the bag from water, it is possible to purchase an additional rain cover, which is not included.

Another interesting characteristic of this backpack model is its flexibility and its harmonization with the cyclist’s body. The Camelbak HAWG is made of soft foam, very light, and easy to handle, which offers great ease of movement to the runner.

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CamelBak M.U.L.E. Mountain Biking Hydration Backpack.

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As avid mountain bikers, we understand the importance of staying hydrated during long, intense rides. The CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Backpack has been designed to address this crucial need. Its cutting-edge features and impeccable craftsmanship offer a seamless hydration experience like no other.

Stay Cool with the Air Director Back Panel

One of the standout features of the CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Backpack is its Air Director Back Panel. This innovative design channels airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable even during the most gruelling rides. Say goodbye to uncomfortable sweating and hello to enhanced performance and enjoyment.


Why buy a mountain bike hydration bag?

While some cyclists continue to use standard water bottles and backpacks, you should know that a mountain bike hydration bag has many advantages:

Easier hydration

The first reason to buy a mountain bike backpack with a water tank is its easy hydration system. Throughout a bike ride, the body constantly needs water, and it is advisable to drink small sips rather than gulping down a litre of water at each break.

Thanks to the functionalities of a hydration bag for mountain bikes, it is thus possible to drink water more easily via a clip system. It is no longer necessary to stop or use both hands. The end of the hose is directly accessible through the mouth.

Less clutter

A mountain bike hydration bag also has the advantage of being lighter than a standard backpack. This type of bag has been specially designed to offer more comfort to the mountain biker, and, especially in terms of water supply, its water pocket is much less bulky than a classic water bottle.

If the latter occupies the same place, whether empty or full, the water bladder of a hydration bag is more flexible. It saves not only space but also comfort.

Greater capacity

In addition to not being bulky, a mountain bike backpack with a water pocket also has a better capacity. It can usually hold up to 3 liters of water without much space.

Manufacturers have also thought of better load distribution. The back part is always well ventilated, with various adjustment systems to better support the weight.

Keeping water at the right temperature

Another advantage of a mountain bike hydration bag is that it adapts to all weather conditions. During periods of extreme heat, it keeps the water cool for several hours, depending on the model concerned. Unlike conventional water bottles, it also keeps the water at the right temperature during cold periods, which can cool very quickly.

How to choose a mountain bike hydration bag?

Before buying a mountain bike backpack, it is important to consider a few criteria:

The quality and size of the water bag

In particular, you must first check whether the size of the water pockets is well suited to your needs. The capacity of a pocket generally varies between 1 and 3 liters, to be chosen according to the duration and intensity of the activity.

Apart from the capacity, the quality of manufacture is also to be considered, including certain details such as the opening size for adding ice cubes, the pipette, the material used, or the ease of cleaning. Of course, CE-certified products are the most recommended.

Back ventilation

Ventilation at the level of the back is also an essential selection criterion. Always choose bag models with a good back ventilation system to avoid excessive perspiration. The mesh nets that spread the back of the bag a little are particularly effective in allowing air to circulate.

Holding systems

For the use of the backpack to be stable, it is also necessary to have sufficient straps. You need at least one grip at the level of the lower abdomen and another at the bust level to ensure good stability in all circumstances.

The protections offered

Since we are talking about extreme sports, we must not forget the safety side either. What are the protection options offered by the bag? Some models include a back protector, ideal for freeride fans.

While others rather offer helmet, knee pads, or elbow pads attachment facilities at the back of the bag. Without providing them directly.

Morphological adaptation

The last point to consider, and not least, is the bag’s adaptation to the cyclist’s shape. Most models are now unisex, but some brands like Camelbak offer more feminine cuts. There are also MTB backpack models suitable for defined sizes only.


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