The 6 Types of Mountain Bikes You Need to Know

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced mountain biker, you need to know the 6 types of mountain bikes.

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, you have an idea of ​​the main types of mountain bikes we have on the market today. Each comes with its own set of features, and each has been designed to handle different types of applications and regions.

For example, what works in mountain areas will not work on flat or steep descents. So generally, before investing in this type of activity, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you will be doing with the bike and what type of area you will be using the bike in.

Here are the most common types of mountain bikes available today.

Here are 6 Types of Mountain Bikes List

Cross Country Bike (XC)

Cross Country Bike (XC)

Popularly known as cross-country bikes, these are the most popular types of mountain bikes today. Since they are specially designed for long rides that can last up to several days off-trail, they are incredibly light, making them the best choice for speed. This category of bikes can also be subdivided into two; XC racing bikes and XC trail bikes. Let’s take a quick look at each of them to give you a clear idea of ​​what it is.

XC racing bike

In this category, we are talking about lightness, speed and efficiency. They have been designed to accelerate to full speed in very short times, making them the best for racing. These bikes are equipped with rear and front shocks of around 80 to 120 mm. It can effectively handle occasional potholes and uneven road surfaces. These bikes can handle rough terrain quite well. However, they aren’t great for handling high-impact jumps. However, they do very well when taking even tight turns.

Trail XC Bike

They are in the same category as racing XC bikes but completely different. They are heavier than racing XC bikes. However, they are not too heavy and have been designed to handle everything from rural roads to simple trails without problems.

Why Buy XC Bikes

You need to invest money in these bikes if you know you will ride hours or even days off-trail. Also, with these bikes, you should be able to take your heart rate as high as possible.

Downhill bikes (DH – DownHill)

Downhill bikes DH – DownHill

As the name suggests, these bikes are specifically designed for downhill riding. It’s all about speed and impeccable control. Compared to most of the bikes we have on the market, they have been designed differently, making them one of the most distinguished types of mountain bikes on the market today.

They often feature a slack design, giving them that aerodynamic look. They are also a bit longer and lower. Plus, with a head tilt angle of approximately 65 degrees, this system alone gives you much-needed control and stability.

As for the suspension, these bikes feature 220mm round suspension. Metal springs alongside well-designed rear shock absorbers keep you comfortable. It doesn’t even stop there; These features also allow you to maintain full control of the bike, even when traversing one of the biggest drops. These bikes are also incredibly tough. They are built to withstand abuse. However, they are not designed to handle those steep climbs easily.

Unlike other bikes, downhill bikes are some of the most extreme types of bikes you could get your hands on today. Compared to most mountain bikes we see around, to be able to handle them smoothly, you need to have some serious skill and, most importantly, control. Indeed, you will often be forced to face several challenges, including extremely difficult tracks, and you will have to make some of the most breathtaking jumps.

Why buy downhill bikes?

A downhill bike is enough if you’re looking for something that can go downhill fast and hold up to the toughest terrain and jumps.

Mountain Bikes / Enduro

If you don’t have enough money to invest in different types of bikes and are looking for a bike that can handle many applications, a dirt bike is what you should go for next. These mountain bikes are action-packed and capable of handling many different terrains, even breathtaking ones.

Regarding design, All-terrain bikes (MTBs) share several similarities with trail XC bikes but with much stronger and more durable frames. They also travel a bit more when it comes to suspension. Also, most of these bikes often come with full suspension, and we are talking about 140-160mm. With these amazing features, as a mountain biker, you would be able to overcome the toughest and most technical obstacles ever encountered. They are also the best for descending those extremely steep trails.

When it comes to handling and control, much like downhill mountain bikes, they also need top-notch skill and control. You also need to be fearless if you are going to handle such bikes without any issues. It is important; things can get really unpredictable and incredibly adventurous compared to any other trail. You will therefore need to stay focused and ready to make some of the most dangerous jumps.

Why Buy All Mountain/Enduro Bikes

The answer is quite simple; if you’re one of those riders who like to have every once in a while take on descents and climbs that are as hard and technical as possible, you’re ready to get some air in the air at some point, mountain bikes are for you.

Freeride MTB 

Freeride MTB

For some reason, these bikes are very much related to downhill biking. They are all about skill and technique. However, the only difference between Freeride and Downhill bikes is the intended purpose.

Unlike downhill bikes, freeride bikes don’t consider weight when it comes to design. Plus, they come with an incredibly compact frame, allowing the rider to manoeuvre the trails with so much ease. Freeride bikes have also been designed to allow you to perform many high jumps and handle all the technical stunts. The frame is incredibly flexible. The frame tubes are a bit thick too. In this case, we are talking about 160 to 180 mm of travel in the suspension system.

From what we’ve talked about, freeride biking is an extremely versatile discipline. Indeed, depending on your driving style, you will sometimes be forced to make high jumps to cross these complex tracks. In the end, we can safely say that these bikes are both a mix of cross-country and downhill. They are not very good when it comes to climbing.

Why Buy Freeride Mountain Bikes?

If you’re one of those riders who are all-around, a Freeride bike can do several things with ease and hassle-free.

Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike

From the name alone, you get a nice picture of what these bikes are. With these bikes, instead of staying on mountain trails, the sport is mostly done in a dirt park. Much like Freeride bikes, these are usually crossover types. It is a kind of combination of different disciplines.

When you look at them, they stand out as a mix of BMX and Freeride bikes. They often come equipped with front suspension and are sometimes called urban mountain bikes. These bikes feature very small frames and a low position for stunts. They also feature a single-speed gear and brake. The handlebar is also quite distinctive; they are larger than those we know.

Why Buy Dirt Bikes?

These bikes are not for the faint-hearted. They’re for people who aren’t afraid of anything, people who aren’t afraid to shoot those bubbling waterfalls up in the air.

Trail Mountain Bike

Trail Mountain Bike

Like XC bikes, these are some of the most common mountain bikes. These bikes aren’t meant for one specific thing, but you can do a lot with them. Whether looking for something to climb or descend on, you can’t go wrong with a trail mountain bike.

When it comes to design, trail bikes feature a more relaxed angle. That alone gives you the confidence you need, especially when doing jaw-dropping descents. They also come with wider handlebars and a shorter bike stem. The tires feature more aggressive threads.

Why Buy Trail Bikes?

Fat Bike

Trail bikes are perfect for commuting, exploring new trails and hitting the dirt. They’re versatile and offer a great blend of comfort, performance and value. And with so many different brands and models available, there’s something for everyone.


As the name suggests, when it comes to this type of bike, we are talking about super-sized tires with incredibly low pressure. These two features give you much-needed traction in sand and snow. When it comes to design, these bikes typically feature incredibly sturdy construction. They also come with several racks that allow you to carry plenty of cycling gear, among other essentials, without any hassle.

Why buy a Fatbike

These bikes are primarily intended for adventurers. You can do quite a lot with these bikes. They are also an amazing option for people looking for something different. 


As you can see, several mountain bikes are on the market today. Each is designed differently and built to handle different areas of application. So if you must buy one, you must first determine what you need. At this precise moment, several things come into play; your riding style, the area you will be riding in and how much you are willing to spend on a bike.


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