5 Best Mountain Bike Action Camera

Mountain biking is a great way to get some exercise and have some fun at the same time. But if you’re like the 5 best mountain bikers’ action cameras, you want footage of your rides to capture the memories forever. While there are a variety of mountain bike action cameras on the market, our team has put together a list of the 5 best ones.

This post gives you the latest information on the best mountain bike action camera, which is an ideal way to capture footage of your adventures.

GoPro HERO8 Black

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GoPro HERO8 Black is a powerful, easy-to-use HERO camera that makes it easy to capture professional-looking footage of your favorite adventures. Waterproof up to 33ft (10m) without housing. Record 4K videos and capture 12MP photos in Single, Burst, and Time Lapse modes.

Use SuperPhoto to create stunning photos with optimized settings, and Auto Slow-Mo automatically takes 8x slow-motion video. Durable + waterproof + ready for adventure. 1.33″ touchscreen.

GoPro HERO8 Black Features

  • Capture professional-quality video and photos in rich, lifelike detail.
  • Get crystal-clear image quality in a compact size with four innovative
  • Ultra-sensitive microphones for outstanding audio.
  • Record life as you see it with SuperView
  • Video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective.
  • Captures stunning 4K UHD and 1080p footage
  • Live streaming to Facebook & YouTube

Photo and video demonstration of GoPro Hero8 Black

Design that’s streamlined

We reimagined the shape to make it more attractive is pocketable, and it is easy to swap the mounts because of the foldable fingers at the base of the device. This has been upgraded from 2x impact resistance to 4x impact resistance, and now there is an additional side door so that the battery can be changed even faster.

Smooth just got smoother

We offer three stabilization levels – On, High, and Boost – so you can choose the one that most suits your needs. Take advantage of the widest field of view possible, or upgrade to the smoothest video available with a HERO camera. As well as that, HyperSmooth supports all resolutions and frame rates, and it even includes in-app horizon leveling.

TimeWarp 2.0

As you move through activity, you can capture time-lapse videos that are super stabilized as you move. Additionally, TimeWarp will automatically adjust its speed based on motion, scene detection, and lighting conditions. If you tap again to speed it back up again, the effect will slow down again to real-time, letting you savor the moment and then tap again to slow it down again.

Pros and Cons of GoPro Hero8 Black


  • Light and easy to use
  • Pocketable design.
  • Light and easy to use
  • HyperSmooth


  • Battery life Shorter

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  The most versatile, unbreakable HERO camera ever.

GoPro HERO10 Black – Waterproof

HERO10 Black is the most advanced GoPro ever. It combines the most powerful video and photo quality, processing up to 2x faster.

HyperSmooth stabilization delivers gimbal-like footage. And the all-new GP2 chip delivers more power than ever before. HERO10 Black shoots 5.3K60 Ultra HD video with a pro-quality HDR10 GoPro Color Profile, more than twice the frame rate of HERO7 Black.

Then, automatically transforms it into a beautiful 1080p30 video for easy playback on your favorite social channels. HERO10 Black is also our most powerful capture device, with a stunning resolution of up to 23MP photos, improved dynamic range, and advanced image processing.

HERO10 Black is cloud-connected. So the moment you charge it, your footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud. And finally, HERO10 Black is social-ready, making it easier to create and share a story that looks as epic as you do.

GoPro HERO10 Black Features Summary

  • Waterproof to 131 ft (40m) with no housing
  • 3 Inch Touch Display
  • GPS Module
  • Voice Control
  • Voice Commands
  • Super-Fast Frame Rates
  • Shoot up to 5.3K at 60fps and 4K at 120fps
  • High-Res Photos plus Videos:
  • HyperSmooth Stabilization
  • Touch Zoom

Photo and video demonstration of the GoPro HERO10 Black

What we think of the GoPro HERO10 Black

An innovative processor

In addition to GP2’s fast performance and responsive touch controls, it also provides twice the frame rate for smooth footage, thanks to its brand-new GP2 engine. The GP2 system on a chip is by far the fastest I have ever built for GoPro cameras. It is designed specifically to meet the demands of the GP2’s high-performance design.

High-resolution photos and videos

With this GoPro, you will be able to shoot sharper than you have ever seen before. The HERO10 has a photo resolution of 23MP and a video resolution of 5.3K at 60FPS making it twice as smooth as previous models. Additionally, it also provides 8x slow motion at 2.7K, as well as the ability to take 15.8 MP still photos from 5.3K video.

Version 4.0 of HyperSmooth

Thanks to HyperSmooth, everything will be smoother than ever, and you can be sure that you will always get the best stabilization. The leveling feature will also ensure your footage looks straight when you need it to since you’ll get a higher tilt limit for better low-light performance and the ability to level the horizon if required.

A new front screen and performance improvements

In addition to a high-quality LCD screen offering smooth frame rates and crisp details, you are able to frame your shots for vlogging and selfies in the most convenient way. Furthermore, the touch controls on the device are extremely responsive, so taking pictures is very easy. This year’s HERO10 Black is a better live-streaming device than before, and the webcam is more straightforward and easier to use than ever.

Rugged and waterproof up to 33 ft

In terms of waterproof qualities and durability, the HERO10 Black makes it the perfect companion to take along on all kinds of adventures. Whether you’re making your way through mud, snow, or water (to depths up to 33 feet), the vehicle’s rugged construction will keep the stress off your body. Even more, protection is provided by the durable scratch-resistant lens cover, which is easily replaceable in case it needs to be replaced.

Battery with a long life

You can spend more time shooting since the 1720mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides a high-capacity battery capacity, and less time swapping batteries with the large battery capacity.

Webcam and live streaming

Make your GoPro into the hottest webcam around by converting it into a webcam. This versatile functionality is also demonstrated by the fact that you have the option to stream live videos, where you’ll get superbly stable videos as you vlog your next activity, thanks to the buttery smooth stabilization and sharp resolution.

Power Tools

By utilizing LiveBurst’s 1.5 seconds before and after mode, you can make sure that you catch the shot in the easiest way possible. Because HindSight captures up to 30 seconds of footage prior to starting recording, you never have to miss a moment – even if you press the shutter too late. In addition to the capture modes for scheduled recording and duration recording, there is a timer recording mode that lets you set the recording and leave it.

Pros and Cons of the GoPro HERO10 Black


  • 3K video recording
  • low light performance
  • new GP2 chip attached


  •  The price is a bit high.

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To simplify things, HERO10 is cloud-connected

GoPro HERO6 Black — Waterproof

The GoPro HERO6 Black Waterproof Digital Action Camera is the perfect choice for capturing amazing videos and photos of your adventures. With 4k60 and 1080p240 video, it delivers 2x the performance of HERO5 black with an all-new GP1 chip optimized for GoPro capture.

Plus, our most advanced video stabilization makes super smooth footage when handheld or mounted to your gear. Now featuring touch zoom and an updated UI, it’s easy to frame shots, change settings and play back footage. And with 5 GHz Wi-Fi, you can copy photos and videos over to your phone 3x faster than with HERO5 black in low or high-temperature conditions.

GoPro HERO6 Black Features Summary

  • Digital Action Camera for Travel + Transcend 32GB High-Speed Micro SDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter, 95MB/s Class 10 
  • Capture photos and videos with the Transcend 32GB microSDHC memory card
  • Take your videos to the next level with HERO6—the most advanced GoPro ever
  • 2x performance boost provides significantly better image quality
  • 30+ minutes of 4K60 video
  • Capture 12MP photos at a blistering 30 frames per second
  • Voice control lets you adjust settings and capture hands-free
  • Auto Low Light mode is a game-changer for nighttime shots
  • Take your adventures to the next level
  • stunning 4K60 and 1080p240 video with 2x the performance of HERO5 Black
  • SuperView mode captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective
  • Waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • Touch zoom and an updated UI make it easier to frame shots
  • Voice control lets you take a photo or start recording with just the sound of your voice
  • Shoots 12MP stills while recording 4K video

Photo demonstration of the GoPro HERO6 Black

Enabled QuickStories

You can use the GoPro Black app to transform your footage into an awesome edited video that you can share with your friends on social media

Perform twice as well

It has been said that the HERO6 Black is 2x more powerful in terms of video performance than the HERO5 Black, thanks to the capacity of recording 4K60 and 240p.

Excellent image quality

This year, the Hero6 Black comes with an optimized GoPro GP1 chip for improved image quality and smooth, stabilized footage thanks to a completely new camera sensor.

Stabilization at the next level

Irrespective of whether the HERO6 Black is mounted onto your gear or used handheld, it will capture smooth footage.

Offloading 3x faster

As a result of the 5GHz Wi-Fi, you will be able to copy photos and videos to your phone much quicker compared to the HERO5 Black.

Waterproof and rugged

In addition to being waterproof to a depth of 33 feet (10 meters) without a housing, the HERO6 Black is extremely durable.

Video and photo quality improved in low light

The camera has a high megapixel resolution that allows you to capture clear and crisp videos and photos even in low light.


It is possible to capture GPS paths, speeds, elevation gains, and more with the Hero6 Black. Connect your Quik desktop app to your Hero6 Black and you will be able to add statistics to your videos immediately.


  • Advanced camera features
  • Automatic recording
  • Auto Low Light mode


  • electrical plugs only for the US.

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Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K

Apexcam 4K Sports Camera

Apexcam Action Camera is a professional, professional, waterproof action camera designed to capture your life in 4K Ultra HD, high quality, and share it with you in various ways. This action camera comes with a 2.4G wireless remote control so that you can move around freely while you are filming. It can reach up to 15m, so it is ideal for use while skiing, mountaineering, or in other high-risk environments. With a 2.0-inch LCD, you can see what you are filming at any time, and with a resolution of 16 megapixels, the images you take are clear.

Apexcam 4K Sports Camera Features Summary

  • 4K Ultra HD Action Camera
  • 2.7K Ultra HD 1920×960 / 30 fps, 1080p, 60 fps, 720p 120 fps video recording capability, can take stunning 16MP photos
  • 170°Wide-Angle 6G Fisheye Lens: Capture and share your world in a fantastic resolution
  • Waterproof up to 40m (130 feet) waterproof case with 60m (198 feet) waterproof backdoor
  • Loop Recording, Time Lapse Photo, Driving Mode, Exposure Adjustment, White Balance Adjustment
  • Ultra HD Camera: 4K Sport Camera 20MP Camera – With its 170-degree wide-angle lens and super-wide-angle, this action camera is suitable for taking various fantastic colorful videos and photos simultaneously.
  • Waterproof Camera: It is waterproof up to 30 meters underwater. It is suitable for snorkeling, scuba diving, and many other water sports use.
  • Easy Operation: This camera can be operated easily; it will be your best choice for action sports.

Photo demonstration of the Apexcam 4K Sports Camera

Pros and Cons of the Apexcam 4K Sports Camera


  • 4G remote control 
  • 4K video with 170°


  • Price High

Price, Full Features & Reviews

130FT Waterproof Camera

AKASO Brave 7 LE

If you’re considering buying an action camera, you may consider the AKASO Brave 7 LE. This action camera is lightweight and easy to carry around when you’re out and about. It can capture 4K/30fps video and 1080p/120fps slow-motion video, which is impressive for its price range.

A super convenient dual-display action camera with an incredible touchscreen back display, AKASO Brave 4K takes your selfie to a new level. It is specially designed for those who love capturing their active life and enjoy vlogging like a boss in their spare time! With its compact size, you can carry it wherever you go, making every moment an opportunity to capture your interesting life.

With its high-resolution video and photos, you can capture every precious moment of your life and share them with your friends and family. It is the best camera to capture travel, sports, and outdoor and underwater activities.

 AKASO Brave 7 LE Features Summary

  • 2X Battery: AKASO original Panasonic-branded high-capacity rechargeable batteries
  • Ultra-HD 4K Video: The AKASO Brave 4K action camera record 4K videos (3840×2160) at 30 fps and captures both photos and videos in 12 megapixels.
  • Shell Structure: Double-shell structure lets AKASO Brave 4K be waterproof up to 131 feet 
  • Build-in EIS 2.0: Equipped with built-in 6-axis EIS, which can provide gimbal-like stabilization for great footage

Photo and Video demonstration of the  AKASO Brave 7 LE

All-weather scenarios

You can vlog your life with the AKASO Brave 7 LE action camera. Although it’s IPX7-rated water-resistant, this waterproof camera can capture video in all kinds of weather. With no case, the waterproof camera should withstand water pressure of up to 3.3 feet/1 meter for 30 minutes. You can use it for water sports, such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc., since it’s 131 feet/40 meters waterproof, meaning you can protect your camera well from water.

Screens with dual colors

You will be able to enjoy a better recording experience with this action camera because it has a new display screen with a brand new display. It is easy to take selfie photos and videos with this action camera, and you can view them in real time directly from the action camera. Furthermore, the 2.0″ back touch screen is clear and vivid and was created for ease of use and convenience. It is not possible to use both screens simultaneously.

20MP Photo & 4K30FPS Video

As a result of its increasing resolution, you will be able to capture stunning 4K30fp and 1080P60fps videos, as well as photos up to 20 MP. Reveal your life moments with total clarity and detail without missing out on any details, with a clear perspective.

A 6-axis stabilization system like a gimbal

When using a 6-axis gyroscope, your body can counteract the vibrations caused by quick movement. It makes the recording much steady and smooth than when using a 4-axis EIS camera.

HDMI and Wi-Fi built-in

With this action camera, you can connect via Wi-Fi. The AKASO GO App enables the wireless sharing of photos and videos. The AKASO GO App clips the video after recording. Additionally, it has a built-in HDMI port so that you can connect it directly to your television.

Remote Control

This 2.4GHz Wi-Fi remote control will allow you to leave your hands free while controlling your TV. In addition to being able to control the camera from a distance, it’s extremely helpful when doing sports or taking selfies.

Includes a waterproof case

If you are interested in participating in water sports, you are more than welcome to do so! You can explore the underwater world with a waterproof case that will keep you dry down to 40 meters (131 feet).

The battery life is longer.

Due to the two 1350mAh batteries, you will be able to record for an extended time and do not need to worry about charging while outside.

Pros and Cons of the AKASO Brave 7 LE


  • 20MP Photo Resolution.
  • • WiFi+Bluetooth Enabled.
  • • Universal Compatibility.
  • 131 Feet Waterproof


  • Poor audio recording on Facebook Messenger
  • The remote control is very basic

Price, Full Features & Reviews

Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K

Why Use a Bike Camera?

(Image credit: Getty)

There are many reasons to use a bike camera as part of your mountain biking arsenal. A camera can provide an interesting perspective for riders who want to document their rides or capture moments they might otherwise miss. Additionally, a camera can help riders avoid accidents and identify any potential hazards on the trail. And finally, many cameras come with features that make them great for capturing photos and videos of tricky descents or epic climbs. So why not consider adding one to your kit? 

Here are 5 reasons why bike cameras can be so valuable:

Documentation: As mentioned, a camera can be a great way to document your rides. A camera can be a great asset if you’re looking for a unique perspective on your journey or just want to have some fun snapshots of friends and family. Plus, if something bad happens while you’re out riding (an accident, etc.), having video footage will help you prove your case in court.

Safety: Cameras can be a valuable tool in avoiding accidents. They can help witnesses identify what happened and provide footage of dangerous trail conditions (i.e. rocks sticking out, roots below the surface). By being aware of potential hazards and having footage to back them up, you can stay safe on mountain bike trails.

Climbing: Many cameras have features that make them great for capturing photos and videos of tricky descents or epic climbs. For example, some cameras have wide-angle lenses that allow you to capture more of the surrounding scenery. They might have stabilization technology that helps keep your video footage smooth as you go down the mountain.

Fun: Of course, not everyone rides for exercise or takes pictures and videos of the landscape. Some people use bikes for recreation, and a camera can add an extra layer of fun to your rides. Whether you’re into filming yourself riding down a hill or filming your friends while they ride, a camera can be a great way to enjoy your time on the trails.

Profit: Finally, many bike cameras have features that let you sell your photos and videos online or at local cycling events. It can be a great way to make extra money while enjoying the outdoors – plus, it’s always fun to show off your amazing trail footage to friends and family!

Protect yourself on your journeys with a bike dashcam

The best mountain bike action camera won’t just film your rides; it will help protect you too. A good mountain bike dashcam can capture video and images of the surrounding area, whether you’re out for a leisurely ride or an intense race. This footage can be invaluable in case of an accident or if you happen to get lost.

Make sure to choose a camera that is both sturdy and waterproof. Most models can record in low light conditions, making them perfect for filming trails at night or during poor weather conditions. Be sure to consider a camera with GPS functionality, as this will make navigation easier if you get lost.

Browse through our selection of the best mountain bike action cameras and find the perfect device for your needs.

Capture your exploits, your outings, but also your falls

Using a bike camera also allows you to record and capture the highlights of your activities. Who has never dreamed of sharing their outings, descents, and mountain bike jumps with their friends via social networks? Or simply being able to make beautiful images and videos, to be able to reminisce about memories, and make stunning videos. As does GoPro, which provides GoPro bike cameras to cyclists during the Tour De France. Finally, make a video immersing yourself in the heart of the pelotons and breakaways of the big loop.

How to choose your future camera to equip your bike/mountain bike?

To make the best decision regarding camera equipment for your mountain bike, it is important to understand the different types of footage you may want or need. Below we will outline the different types of footage captured by mountain bike action cameras and provide recommendations on which camera might be best suited for you.

Types of Mountain Bike Footage Captured by Action Cameras

There are a few different types of footage captured by mountain bike action cameras. The first category is general footage, including shots of you riding around town or trails you have ridden before. This type of footage can show off your skills and get some laughs with friends and family.

Next is racing footage. Action cameras marketed as race cameras capture high-speed video of you riding in races or time trials. This type of footage can be invaluable in helping you improve your times and become a better rider.

Finally, there is mountain biker drone footage. This type of footage is usually taken using a quadcopter to capture aerial views of trails or areas that would be too dangerous or difficult to access on foot. This footage can create 3D renders or video tours of your favorite trails, which can be extremely helpful for planning rides.

Which Camera Is Right for You?

Based on the type of footage you are most interested in capturing, a few different camera options may be best suited for you. If you are primarily interested in racing or mountain biker drone footage, then a high-speed action camera such as the GoPro HERO5 Black might be the best option.

If you are primarily interested in general footage, a cheaper camera such as the Sony FDR-X1000V might be a better option. Finally, a drone-like DJI Phantom 4 or Yuneec Typhoon H might be better suited if you only want to capture aerial views of trails or areas.

Quality and resolution of videos and photos

Mountain biking videos and photos can be beautiful but can also be very frustrating if the quality is poor. The best action cameras have high-quality video and photos, no matter the terrain. Here are some things to look for when choosing an action camera: resolution, video quality, photo quality, durability, field of view, and features.

Resolution is the most important factor when choosing an action camera. The higher the resolution, the sharper the video and photo will be. Action cameras with resolutions of 1080p or higher are ideal for mountain biking videos and photos. If you’re looking for a camera specifically designed for mountain biking, look for one with a resolution of at least 4K or 5K.

Video quality is another important factor to consider when choosing an action camera. Good video quality means that you’ll be able to see everything happening on the screen. Most action cameras have settings that let you adjust the video quality to your liking. If you’re looking for a camera specifically designed for mountain biking, look for one with great video quality even in difficult conditions.

Photo quality is also important when choosing an action camera. Good photo quality means that your photos will look good even if you don’t have a great camera. Most action cameras have settings that let you adjust the photo quality to your liking. If you’re looking for a camera specifically designed for mountain biking, look for one with great photo quality even in difficult conditions.

Durability is another important factor to consider when choosing an action camera. Good durability means that the camera will last longer and be able to take a lot of abuse. Many action cameras are waterproof and can be used in wet conditions. Many action cameras are also shockproof, which can handle tough falls and crashes.

The field of view is another important factor when choosing an action camera. A small field of view can make it difficult to see what’s happening on screen. A large field of view makes it easier to see everything happening on screen. Most action cameras have settings that let you adjust the field of view to your liking.

Finally, features are also important when choosing an action camera. Good features include things like waterproofing, shockproofing, and video stabilization.

Battery and camera life

Mountain biking can be a great way to exercise and have some fun, but it can also be quite dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have a good mountain bike action camera to help capture what happens while you’re riding. However, battery life and camera performance can be critical factors when choosing the right device. Here are some tips on how to maximize your battery life and performance:

  • Turn off the camera when you’re not using it. It will save power and prolong the life of your battery.
  • Ensure that the camera is properly charged before use. A low battery will cause decreased performance and may even cause damage to the device.
  • Do not use the camera in extreme weather conditions or environments subject to high humidity or dust levels. These conditions can impact the durability of your camera and lead to decreased battery life.
  • Avoid using the camera in high-speed situations or when riding at a very high altitude. These conditions can also impact the camera’s performance and battery life.”

A solid case to withstand drops and bad weather

Having a robust and waterproof bike camera helps ensure a good lifespan for your new tool. Indeed, if the case is not resistant, it will break on your first fall. It often happens during mountain bike outings on steep and impractical paths. In addition, it is important to check that the camera is waterproof, thanks to the “IPX” certification. The weight is also important, especially for cyclists who want to equip themselves with a lightweight bike camera.

storage capacity

One of the best features of mountain biking is the scenic views that can be seen from the trails. With a good action camera, you can capture and share those views with friends and family. But what happens if your camera runs out of storage?

If you’re using an action camera with a microSD card slot, you can simply remove the card and replace it with a larger one. However, if your action camera doesn’t have a microSD card slot, you’ll need to find another way to store your footage.

Some people prefer to use an external hard drive for their footage. It is a great option if you have one available and want to keep all of your footage together. External hard drives are also portable, so you can take them wherever you go.

However, external hard drives can be expensive and may not be compatible with all action cameras. If you’re unsure whether your action camera is compatible, then it’s best to check the manufacturer’s website.

Connectivity and compatible apps

Mountain biking is a great way to get out and exercise, but it can be hard to keep track of your location and what you’re doing while you’re on the trail. Now, with the help of action cameras, mountain bikers can document their rides in great detail without worrying about losing footage. Here are some of the best action camera mounts for mountain biking that make capturing your ride easy:

The Smoothee Action Camera Mount is a great option for riders who want an adjustable and lightweight mount. This mount attaches easily to handlebars or a bike’s frame and can be quickly adjusted to capture any angle you desire. The app available for download (for iOS and Android) makes editing your footage a breeze, allowing you to add music or sound effects to your videos.

The GoPro HERO5 Black action camera is one of the most popular action cameras on the market and for a good reason. This camera is durable and waterproof, making it perfect for capturing high-energy mountain bike rides. The app available for download allows you to easily edit your footage and create stunning videos that will bring your ride alive.

How much does a bike camera or mountain bike camera cost?

There are many types of mountain bike cameras on the market, so it can be hard to decide what is the best action camera for you. Some people might prefer a smaller camera that attaches to their handlebars, while others might want a more powerful camera that can be mounted on their bikes. Here is a list of some of the best mountain bike cameras on the market and how much they cost:

  • GoPro Hero4 Black: This camera costs around $400, but it is one of the market’s most popular and well-rated mountain bike cameras. Its features include a wide-angle lens, waterproofing, and cycling data recording.
  • Mobius Action Camera: This camera costs around $200 and is also one of the most popular options on the market. It has features like 1440p video resolution, night vision, and weatherproofing.
  • Panasonic Lumix GH5: This camera costs around $1,000, but it has many of the same features as other high-end cameras on the market. It has a 4K video resolution, 20-megapixel photo resolution, and touchscreen control.

Where to install your bike camera or mountain bike camera?

Should you position the camera on your bike’s frame and attach it to your helmet or your chest? There are several solutions for installing your camera on your bike; each has several advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there are several angles of view. Here are our tips for positioning your onboard camera correctly during your bike and mountain bike outings.

Install the bike camera on your helmet

As in all extreme sports, mountain bikers prefer a camera attached to their bicycle helmet. Indeed, cameras for bicycle helmets allow you to stabilize your videos naturally. In addition, this position allows you to make dynamic videos and make the viewer feel all the energy of your descents as if they were sitting on your saddle. However, it will be necessary to equip yourself with a helmet compatible with a bike helmet camera.

Film the rear by installing it on its seat tube

There is only one solution to film the back of your bike, especially dashcams. You have to fix its rear camera like a bike radar, that is, on your bike’s seat tube. This configuration provides maximum protection for the camera in the event of a fall. At the same time, providing a wide viewing angle, allowing all of the action happening outside of the rider’s field of vision to be captured and recorded.

Position your onboard bike camera on your handlebars

The solution most commonly used on road bikes is to attach the camera directly to the bike’s frame. In particular, on the handlebar (handlebar). This position offers many advantages. First, when driving on the road, the image is perfectly stabilized and therefore of impeccable quality. In addition, the camera is easily removable and is at your fingertips to start recording or adjusting certain parameters quickly.

Attach your camera to your chest with a harness

Finally, fixing your camera on your chest via a harness that adapts to your morphology is possible. Nevertheless, this means of fixing is increasingly discouraged by professionals. Because in the event of a fall, the case can come crashing against your rib cage and therefore take your breath away or worse, break your ribs.

Where to buy an onboard camera for your bike?

As with all high-tech products, high-end bike cameras are available in physical stores such as Fnac or Darty. However, cheap onboard bike cameras are only available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Alltricks. However, no matter which model you choose, you will always find the best prices online. The price difference can go up to 40%, which is not negligible.

Most sites offer free delivery within a few days. In addition, online purchases are subject to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

FAQs about bike and mountain bike cameras

As usual, the members of Velo-critique.com answer your questions. Here is a selection of relevant questions regarding bicycle and mountain bike cameras.

What is the best bike camera?

In 2022, the best bike camera is undoubtedly the GoPro Hero 8 Black! With optical stabilization, it allows you to capture smooth and clear videos. However, its price remains high. That’s why we recommend the Akaso Brave 7 LE camera. Versatile and compact, this little action cam blew our minds; it is ideal as a bike camera but also as a bike dashcam!

What is the best mountain bike camera?

Mountain biking requires specific technical characteristics, including increased stabilization and a camera for filming in dark places such as in the forest or vegetation. That’s why the GoPro Hero 8 Black is unquestionably the best mountain bike camera of 2022! However, if you have a reduced budget, we recommend the Akaso Brave 7 LE.

Which GoPro camera for the bike?

GoPro is a go-to brand when it comes to bike cameras. Indeed, for a few years now, GoPro cameras have become embedded in the heart of the peloton during races such as the Tour de France. Riders use the GoPro Hero 8 Black or Hero 9 Black at these events.

Which GoPro camera for mountain biking?

Amateur and professional mountain bikers most use GoPro mountain bike cameras. Indeed, the GoPro offers unparalleled image stabilization, which allows for smooth and stabilized video. If you are looking for a GoPro camera for mountain biking, we recommend the GoPro Hero 8 Black!

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